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Helpless to express No? learn Looks at teen ladies and Sexting

Helpless to express No? learn Looks at teen ladies and Sexting


  • Teen ladies know the probability of sexting but under some pressure, a lot of find it hard to state no. Tweet This
  • We need to create a better job as parents and educators of earning yes babes know precisely what they must do whenever faced with inappropriate sexual improvements. Tweet This

A recent study of teen women’ reactions to teenagers who requested them for topless electronic graphics highlights the powerlessness some young women these days feeling in relation to rebuffing undesirable sexual advances. a€?Bombarded,a€? a€?coerced,a€? and a€?confuseda€? include conditions Sara E. Thomas regularly describe the most widespread activities reported by teen women confronted with repeated sexting needs from teenage boys in her own research, a€?What do I need to create?: women’s Reported problems With Nude Photographs.a€? Thomas, a doctoral beginner at Northwestern University, stated, “Teenage women know the prospective danger and therefore are disinclined to [sext], yet they always express the photographs anyway. They struggle to state no.”

Helpless to Say No? Study Looks at adolescent babes and Sexting

Thomas reviewed about 7,000 tales uploaded to MTV’s anonymous on line system, a€?A slim Linea€? between . Though it wasn’t called for, 62percent associated with prints voluntarily given what their age is and sex; of these, the daunting bulk were girls, plus the typical get older was actually 15. The study dedicated to females who reported something pertaining to sexting, ending up with a total of 462 stories.

Over two-thirds regarding the women within the sample reported getting questioned to sext. Thomas determined four major strategies the students girls familiar with respond: refusal, conformity, avoidance, and a€?what do I need to manage?a€? On the list of results: