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The analysis was performed by using the IQVIA Center Diabetic issues Model

The analysis was performed by using the IQVIA Center Diabetic issues Model


The newest Dexcom G6 genuine-go out proceeded glucose keeping track of (RT-CGM) experience probably one of the most sophisticated RT-CGM possibilities made to go out and you may turned into obtainable in Canada inside the 2019. A medical monetary studies is performed to find the enough time-name costs-possibilities of your own Dexcom G6 RT-CGM program as opposed to SMBG during the people which have method of step 1 all forms of diabetes (T1D) when you look at the Canada.


According to clinical trial study, customers having indicate baseline HbA1c off 8.6% have been thought getting good HbA1c decrease in step one.0% with RT-CGM versus 0.4% prevention having SMBG. RT-CGM was also regarding the a quality away from life (QoL) work for by way of faster frequency of hypoglycemia, quicker anxiety about hypoglycemia (FoH) and you will removal of fingerstick assessment. Lead medical costs was sourced out-of composed books, and you may inflated to 2019 Canadian cash (CAD).

Overall performance

Dexcom G6 RT-CGM was projected to alter imply top quality-adjusted endurance because of the dos.09 top quality-adjusted life age (QALYs) in accordance with SMBG ( instead of QALYs) however, indicate total lives cots was basically CAD thirty five,353 higher with RT-CGM (CAD 227,357 in the place of CAD 192,004) causing a progressive pricing-functionality ratio (ICER) off CAD sixteen,931 each QALY attained. Awareness analyses revealed that presumptions relating to the QoL work for associated with reduced FoH and removal of fingerstick review having RT-CGM plus SMBG use and change in HbA1c was an important people regarding costs-capabilities.


To possess grownups which have T1D within the Canada, RT-CGM was associated with the improved glycemic manage and you will QoL professionals owing to help you a lesser FoH and you will removal of the requirement getting fingerstick assessment as well as over a lifetime date panorama was costs-active according to SMBG.