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6. Sorry, you actually can get pregnant out of rectal intercourse

6. Sorry, you actually can get pregnant out of rectal intercourse

Whether you got them from pregnancy or not shitting for a week after surgery (hi, it’s me), piles, which are a pillow-like cluster of veins found near your booty hole, are no fun-and they’re something to consider when having anal sex.

“Hemorrhoids can be exacerbated during the anal sex resulting in anal bleeding,” teaches you Dr. Cooper. Even though some bloodstream is totally typical (on that after), for many who already know you have got piles, talk with the doctor discover a solution if the anal’s really something that you want to try.

Kind of. Depending on where your partner ejaculates (and if they ejaculate), if you’re not careful with clean up, you *could* have a surprise in about nine months. While it’s rare, if your partner cums within your arsehole but isn’t careful when they pull out, semen could leak down and get inside the vagina thus leading to a pregnancy. Again, it’s rare, but it’s another good reason to slap on a condom (which makes clean up way easier, btw) just to be safe.

eight. It’s very well okay getting anal sex while you are on the several months.

Even though months gender is one of the pure joys of life for many, if you’re not a fan of blood or you just want to try something new, having anal sex while on your period is kind of amazing.

“Many women report feeling more pleasure practicing anal sex during their periods while wearing a menstrual cup inside their vaginas,” says sex therapist Mia Sabat who previously told Cosmopolitan. Apparently, the menstrual cup is thought to stimulate the internal walls of the vagina, which can be a v nice addition to the already erotic sensation of anal sex.

8. Avoid enemas.

While you are a real neat-freak, you might be tempted to exceed and rehearse a keen enema prior to rectal thinking it will make the action vacuum cleaner, but that’s an awful idea. “I recommend resistant to the access to enemas,” states Sabat. “While some think enemas build rectal play a whole lot more hygienic, this might be a highly misinterpreted concept,” she contributes.