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I include my marketing time in my hourly rate calculations

I include my marketing time in my hourly rate <a href=""><img src="" alt=""/></a> calculations

I know that I spend X number of hours per week marketing (and it’s not as many as you seem to think it will be), so I know I need to build that amount into my project fees. As such, I make enough on each project that I average between $75-100 an hour. As I build experience, I intend to push that number even higher.

I challenge you to show us that your writers are making anywhere near that hourly rate. And if they’re not…maybe they should consider whether the time and effort it takes to network and communicate with editors is well spent, after all.

Carol, in an email to you, I explained that I am not different from any other writer on GLV

Since I am being discussed in this forum, may I please have an opportunity to defend myself? My original post was not a freelance writer. I responded to Danyelle’s comment based on my experience with Guardian Liberty Voice. I am not a “staffer” as you seem to keep insisting. I write every single day for GLV and am a writer the same as all of the other writers on staff. I am also an editor, and my title is “Senior Managing Editor,” but that does not negate my status as a writer; I still get paid the exact same way as everyone else. You removed my first comment and are AGAIN calling me “deceptive” when my first comment was in no way e, Rebecca Savastio, on the comment just as I am putting my real name on this comment. There is zero difference between me and everyone who works for GLV in terms of how we get paid. No one on this forum from GLV is using a “fake name.” I am not sure why you keep insisting that we are.